Brandon Green developed an idea for a new consumer goods product. A former banker and a native of Hopkinsville, Ky., Green conceptualized the idea of a new, branded, bottled-water product, but one that differentiated itself in order to stand out in a crowded market sector. The product, Wildcat Water (, would do that in some important ways, but the journey from idea to successful launch had many important steps. This is a story of that journey.

Slowly he developed a team of advisors, some of whom became partners in the enterprise. Like many smart entrepreneurs, he understood what he knew and what he didn’t, and he complemented his own skills and knowledge with those of others who joined the venture.

We got involved at Rbi Creative to redesign the Wildcat Water logo and bottle label. We also produced a pitch deck and video for premier client, Valvoline.

Deliverables: Logo, Bottle Label, Prestige Client Pitch Video.

VIOC PrivateLabel H20 Master from Rick Baker on Vimeo.