Lean Start-Up


As the Co-Founder and CEO of venture backed incubator, eCorporation, I’ve learned a little about startups.  Between 1999 and 2006 we launched (or relaunched) 16 companies.  And I’m happy to say 5 of those enterprises are still around.  During those years we began with a small staff — 9 intrepid entrepreneurs — and grew to over 160 members within the core company and our start-up enterprises.

Some of the companies we had a hand launching in include;

  • Yousendit (Sold for $150+ million)
  • Travelago (raised over $14 million in funding)
  • EduLab (early online learning portal)
  • FaithandValues.com (for HallmarkChannel)
  • Carwave (licensed to over 20 newspapers)
  • PointsID (loyalty consolidation)


  • FashionattheRaces.com (Fashion, Racing, Full 30 minute TV concept)
  • DazzledMedia (EMS enterprise)
  • LEDSignSmith (LED Sign Co)


In 2012, I made more than a dozen trips to SanFrancisco and Los Angeles to reconnect with funding sources and learn about the Lean Startup movement and visit successful incubators like RocketSpace, and engage angel groups like Kieretsu Forum and the Harvard Angels.

Lean Startup isn’t just about how to create a more successful entrepreneurial business…it’s about how we maintain continuous learning to improve virtually every aspect of product development while reducing risk for investors. Lean Startup principles applied to any startup. It’s ultimately a process of learning more quickly what works, discarding what doesn’t.

The end results are lower startup cost, faster product development and eliminating all activities that waste money: how to drive a startup forward, when to change direction, and when to persevere-and preserver. At RBI we can help you grow your business with maximum acceleration

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Rick Baker