Fashion at the Races was formed by Bri Mott with the one mission of improving the image of the American Racing industry. After looking around the world at the different countries that have thriving industries, it was decided that they needed to bring a whole new generation to the track to enjoy its magic. Through a mixture of Fashion and Racing, Fashion at the Races hopes to educate people about the wonderful social side that exists on the racedays along with the amazing animals on the track. With the Fashions on the Field event leading the assault, we hope to entice people to come to the track to see something new, to experience a fun day and to fall in love with the amazing place that is the races!

In 2015, Bri was joined by a few fashionable ladies to help represent Fashion at the Races and spread the love!

The team at Rbi Creative created the original website and ecommerce system. Even more exciting — we developed a half hour TV show for broadcast. We also created a web series called Top Hat, a competitive millenary competition.

Here are a few exciting segments from the Fashion at the Races TV program at Keeneland Race Track here in Lexington, KY.