My relationship with Baqua Brands evolved over a period of years. After finding success with a regional artisan granola, Baqua founder, Sandra Marlowe and her family had been developing a new kind of health drink based on powerful ancient grains: barley, quinoa and amaranth. Its called a tisane. Something you might want to look up, but essentially tisanes are fruit and grain drinks. Brewed like beeet and based on an English drink called lemon barley water. Popular with the Royal family. Sold at Wimbledon. Recipes actually go way back to ancient Rome.


Baqua comes in a number of cool flavors. Our challenge was to create a feeling around the brand and to build buzz locally before expanding. Baqua is a new product set for 2016 launch.

Deliverables: RBi Creative built the website and investor pitch deck. We’re working on rollout strategy and mobile campaigns.

So stay tuned for more…